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Small Pet Pocket Hammock - Made in the USA

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  • The MOST VERSATILE "pocket hammock" small pet hanging bed on the market! This hammock has a "sleeper" pocket attached to it with an easy-to-climb-into opening. When it gets cold, your pet can slip in between two cozy, warm layers of fabric for warmth and comfort.
  • The pocket hammock has hangers at each corner, and you can attach it anyway your pets likes it: pocket up or pocket down; all four hangers attached to the top of a cage, or 2 at the top and two to the sides; or indeed attach the item on two hangers to the side of the cage so that it hangs down on the side of the cage.
  • You could also attach it to your necklace  or your clothes. This way you can carry your pet with you while you are watching TV, working in the office or doing your tasks around the house.
  • Sizes (please measure your pet's length to find the best fit):
    • SMALL: 7 inches long x 6 inches wide.  Suitable for small birds that like to climb into things (pocket parrots, lovebirds, parakeets), as well as sugar gliders, mice, smaller rats and other small pets of that size ...
    • LARGE: 15 inches long x 12 inches wide. Suitable for birds of the size of conures up to African Grey parrots; as well as smaller ferrets, small bunnies, guinea pigs, chinchillas and pets of similar size
  • The fabric is ultra-soft, thick, diamond-patterned fleece that is durable and as easy-care as it gets Toss it into the washing machine and dryer, and your pet is good to go. The loops are chew-resistant, strong ½" Polypro webbing with a 300 lbs tensile strength (it is also UV resistant and UV Resistant & Water proof/mildew resistant), welded D-Rings and hanging links that are safe for birds and other small pets (no zinc coating or lead).

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