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Small Bird Confetti Foraging Crocks - 2 in a pack - Made in the USA (ASSORTED COLORS)

Brightly colored "fun" crocs filled with confetti and embellished with plastic toy parts that are sure to delight and entertain
Packaged in "pairs" that come in assorted colors. Perfect for multi-bird households
Can be hung up in a pet's cage or provided as "foot toys" to larger birds
Pets will enjoy picking at the confetti and may very well use them as nesting material. No worries. Owners can easily fill those crocks back up with crinkle paper or dried grasses. These crocks will be there to entertain a pet for its entire lifetime
Each crock measures about 5.5" in length and is about 1.5" wide. Recommended for small to medium sized birds, from finches up to conures
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