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Ropey-Dopey Skinny Yet Long Cage Vertical Chew & Preen Bird Toy

Vertical, long design is ideally suited for slimmer cages, or cages that are already "packed" with other toys
Multicolored design with knotted ropes (which birds will enjoy "untying"), wood blocks and segments of natural hard-wood branches to satisfying their strong urge to chew
Chain and wood cylinder column and center pivot; durable construction for extended uses
Easily clips to the top of the bird cage. Exterior Dimensions: 26" x 4"
Average 2.2
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Product Overview: 
  • Ropes and wood blocks will to keep your pets busy for hours each day and this toy is sure to curb cage boredom.
  • Extensive rope design also makes this a great preening toy to bring out your bird's natural instincts

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