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PopCorn Foraging Bird Toy

This foraging bird toy features corn cob, corn husks, finger traps, loofah, jute sticks, crinkle paper, wood spools, palm chain, woven vines, shredded paper, blocks of wood, and other natural toy parts that birds enjoy chewing, shredding or tearing up
Make this a foraging toy by hiding your bird's favorite treats inside!
This super fun toy is sure to keep your bird occupied for hours and is hung by a wooden rod with wooden spools and foam toy parts in between.
Appropriate for medium to larger birds that enjoy shredding, preening and tearing, but are not strong chewers. We recommend this toy for larger conures, pionus parrots, caiques, african greys, eclectus parrots, galah cockatoos, and similarly sized birds.
Measures: about 14"L (total hanging) x 7 1/4"W x 6". This toy is hung up with stainless steel wire and quick link.
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