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Parrot Fun Java Wood Chew Toy

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 Parrot Fun Java Wood Chew Toy

  • All natural toy, strung on sisal rope, is chock full java wood chunks, bamboo sticks, rattan balls and woven palm "bow ties"
  • Offers great entertainment and foraging for birds that love to chew, shred and preen.
  • Please notice: NOT SUITED For the heaviest chewers. For those, we recommend Lotta Fun Ropes and Wood Chew and Preen Bird Toy (Giant - 30" x 9")  or ULTIMATE Chew & Swing Delight Bird Toy (Large)


  • Small:  ~9" long x 5" wide
  • Medium:  ~12" long x 6.5" wide
  • Large: ~23.5" long x 7" wide

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