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Octagon Advance External Humidity Pumps

This humidity pump with an external water reservoir eliminates the chance of water in the incubator harboring bacteria.
The unit stands beside the incubator and is connected by an electrical lead and a flexible tube for water supply.
Humidity settings are controlled directly from the incubator's menu and the relative humidity (RH) is continuously shown on the digital display.
The Octagon 40 Advance Incubator (sold separately), coupled with this humidity pump, maintains the humidity level precisely at the level the user sets.
NOTE: Incubators are NOT INCLUDED. This is an accessory to the Octagon 40 Advance incubators
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Product Overview: 

Brinsea External Humidity Pumps

Optional accessory for  the Octagon 20 and 40 Incubator Range or Ova-Easy 190 / 380 Advance Cabinet Incubators.  Pump comes as standard with the respective EX versions of the Brinsea Octagon and OVA-Easy Incubator Range

The Humidity Pump - coupled with the incubator (sold separately / not included) - effectively maintain the humidity level precisely at the level the user sets irrespective of changes in room humidity.

The Humidity Pump includes a peristaltic pump and an external water reservoir which eliminates the chances of water in the incubator harboring bacteria.

The unit stands beside the incubator, and is connected to it by an electrical lead and a flexible tube for water supply. Humidity settings are controlled directly from the incubator intuitive digital menu and the achieved relative Humidity (RH) is continuously shown on the incubator's digital display.

The Humidity Pump module can be purchased as part of the Octagon 20 or 40 Advance EX model or separately as an upgrade from Octagon 20 or 40 Advance to the Octagon 20 / 40 Advance EX or an Ova-Easy Advance to a Ova-Easy Advance EX version.


The Humidity Pumps used for the three different models are the same, but they come with different accessories:

The Ova-Easy pump only comes with tubing;

The Octagon 20 pump comes with tubing, evaporating pads and clips to hold the pad in place but also 2 extra dividers, a foam pad to line the base of the tray and 8 foam cushions for the wire dividers;

The Octagon 40 pump comes with twice the number of accessories as the 20 pump, since its twice the size. 



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