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Jungle "Preen & Swing" Bird Toy

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This "Preen & Swing" is the perfect cage accessory that encourages feather picking birds or over-preeners to turn their attention to this toy instead; it gives a bird something to "snuggle up to" and "swinging" is a healthy exercise for a bird
A swing offers an excellent opportunity for daily exercise, especially for birds that spend many hours in a cage
Your pet will enjoy to snuggle against the warm and soft layers of fleece that line both sides and the top of the swing
Available Sizes: Small: 1/5 inch dia perch; ~5 inches wide & 6 inches tall. Suitable for budgies, parakeets, lovebirds, parrotlets, cockatiels and birds of similar size Medium: 3/4 inch dia perch; ~7 inches wide & 8 inches high. Suitable for conures, pion
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