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Foraging Monkey Pinata 16-Inch Bird Toy

This GREAT Foraging is a Toy and Treat in one. The little monkey has a flap in the back that allows you to fill it with your pet's favorite treats - as a special reward after a "hard day" of play! The little basket on top of the monkey's head is filled
This foraging toy offers multiple opportunities for entertaining your pet. It is very versatile as well - birds as small as finches and as large as African Greys and Eclectus parrots will enjoy it. Of course, the larger the bird, the faster he or she
This toy is made of natural, non-toxic and bird friendly materials and offers multiple textures. It offers a constructive FUN, chewing outlet for your pet and PLENTY of entertainment!
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Foraging Monkey Pinata 16-Inch Bird Toy         

  • Made with all Natural Materials and Textures; Natural Toys offer constructive FUN, chewing outlets
  • This is a Bird Toy and Treat in one; Great Foraging toy; Can be filled with a birds favorite treat
  • All Natural Materials; Non- Toxic Bird Friendly Toy
  • Durable, High Quality Toy that Birds Love

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