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Foraging Basket Bird Toy Pinata - Our FUNNEST Bird Toy EVER!

This bird toy foraging piñata will be sure to offer plenty of entertainment to your pet. It is made out of natural material that will be fun to explore, chew and tear through.
This bird toy pinata has a woven hat on top for hiding treats or chewing trough. Below the fun animal pinata is a durable bamboo foraging basket that is filled with shredded paper and can be refilled with treats to further delight and entertain your pet
This pinata foraging toy measures about 12" in length and is about 6" wide. It is recommended for birds sized from Conures up to African Greys, as well as SMALLER Amazons / Cockatoos & Macaws.
Please note that HEAVY CHEWERS will go through these card-board based toys quickly and would get more out of hard-wood based toys, such as the ULTIMATE Chew & Swing Delight Bird Toy or the Incredible "Furry Monster" Bird Toy
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