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"Fill-A-Treat" Bird Foraging Toys

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"Fill-A-Treat" Bird Foraging Toy: It's a TOY - It's a TREAT!

The ULTIMATE Chewing, Shredding, Preening & Foraging Experience: these treat-filled toys are certain to bring out your pet’s natural foraging instinct and at the same time guarantee hours of fun.

  • Heavy cardboard textured core is decorated with coconut pieces, paper strips, sea grass strips, wood pieces, palm leaves, vine stars & hearts. 
  • These "Bird Pinatas" have an easy-fill trap door in the back that can be opened, allowing you to “hide” your best friend’s most favorite treats inside, which will be a surprising and fun reward for your pet spending its day “working this toy”, such as favorite seeds & nuts, banana chips, raisins, pineapple & papaya.
  • These toys are made out of all natural non-toxic 100% bird friendly materials.     
  • Suitable for medium to large sized birds. Hanging loop included or use a Quick Link for a more secure hanger. Assorted colors.

Standard Designs for Medium to Large Birds

  • Monkey Fill-A-Treat Bird Foraging Toy: ~ 8” h x 4.5” w
  • Lion Fill-A-Treat Bird Foraging Toy:~ 8” h x 4.5” w
  • Donkey Fill-A-Treat Bird Foraging Toy:~ 8” h x 9" l x 4.5” w
  • Parrot Fill-A-Treat Bird Foraging Toy:~ 8” h x 4.5” w

Mini Designs for Small Birds:

Suitable for small to medium-sized birds, such as parakeets, lovebirds, cockatiels, parrotlets, conures, quakers, senegal parrots and similarly-sized birds.  However, these mini toys will make great foot toys for larger parrots.

  • Penguin MINI Fill-A-Treat Bird Foraging Toy: ~ 4” h x 3” w
  • Monkey MINI Fill-A-Treat Bird Foraging Toy: ~ 4” h x 3” w
  • Duck MINI Fill-A-Treat Bird Foraging Toy: ~ 4” h x 3” w



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