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Cozy Small Bird Tent Hideaway - Made in the USA

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Cozy Small Bird Tent Hideaway - Made in the USA - The Perfect Home for Pocket Parrots and Other Small Birds

These tents are made in the United States with the highest quality material that we could find.  We tested many different fabrics, but this super-soft plush fabric won hands-down. It is not only cozy, but also easy-care (machine washable on delicate cycle).

This tent is perfectly suited for one or two parakeets, lovebirds, linnies, parrotlets and other pocket parrots; or any small bird of that size that likes a cozy get away. 

We created a standard tent, and a “tent-hammock combo”.  The "tent-hammock combos” are perfect for multi-birds household as a space-saving alternative to two tents; or the alternative between stable “flat-bottom” tent to a comfy “hammock” below gives your pet options.  The hammock below the tent could also be used for storing foraging toys / foot toys.

Chew-resistant Loops:  The weakest point for such a tent is usually the hanging loop. Birds will typically chew through those first. So we used strong ½" Polypro Webbing with a 300 lbs tensile strength (it is also UV resistant and UV Resistant & Water proof/mildew resistant) and welded D-Rings. The base is strengthened with a 0.06 ABS plastic sheet, which is strong and will hold up to washing machines as well, as long as it is washed in delicate circle.

Size: The Small Tent is about 6.5 inches deep, the base is 4 inches wide and it is about 5 inches tall. Please refer to the photos for precise dimensions and make sure that you have a cage that will accommodate this size of "pet bed"

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