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Color Splash Shred and Preen Bird Toy - AV-HB46645/6/7

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Product Overview: 

Color Splash Shred and Preen Bird Toy

  • This bird toy is perfect for chewers, shredders and feather pickers.
  • This colorful bird toy is stacked with a mix of materials and various textures that is sure to satisfy your pet’s natural urges to chew, shred, preen and forage, and preventing cage boredom
  • Large pieces of brightly colored java wood are intermingled with other earth-friendly materials, such as  woven banana leaf spirals, loofah squares and layers of crinkle paper

Please note: This toy is probably not going to be well suited for very heavy chewers – such as large macaws and cockatoos. Even though there are JavaWood pieces in between, a lot of the toy is soft and chewable and would probably be destroyed very quickly.  This toy is better suited for birds that enjoy preening and shredding.


Available Sizes: 

  • Small - 8" h x 4" w x 4" d - for birds as small as budgies up to the size of small conures
  • Medium - 10" h x 3" w x 3" d - for birds of the size of average conures up to African Greys
  • and Large - 16" h x 3" w  x 3" d - for larger birds that are not very destructive, such as Electus parrots, some Amazons, smaller cockatoos, etc.