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Coco Monkey Head Bird Foraging and Chew Toy

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Coco Monkey Head Bird Foraging and Chew Toy

  • This Foraging Chew Toy perfectly suited for parrots of the size of Conures, Amazon Parrots, African Greys, up to the largest Cockatoos and Macaws

  • When empty, will also function very well as a cute “Roosting Hut” for small finches and even smaller parakeets will want to explore the inside of this toy and probably end up roosting or nesting in it for a season or two

  • This hollowed out coconut is a sturdy, durable and entertaining.The head / mouth is filled with small foot toys, wood blocks and cuttlebone.You can increase your pet’s fun even more by hiding in it your pet’s favorite toys and treats.

  • Made from a real natural coconut. Non-toxic and Eco-Friendly:made using natural renewable, recycled, earth friendly materials

  • Size: 6" x 6" x 6" … Pear link hanging attachment included.





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