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Avianweb EZ Bird Harness with 8 Foot Leash - Made in the USA

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We try to make SIZING is easy by SPECIES! We GUARANTEE fit - we replace or custom-fit if it doesn't!
EZ installation: no more pulling wings through loops, intuitive design.
BREATHABLE heavy duty faux leather that is PVC free; with a soft Cotton Fleece backing
Light, yet strong elastic cord stretches up to TWICE its length
Included is a carabener so that you can secure the leash to your clothing
Frustration-free Leash Handle helps avoid entanglement of the bird leash
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Avianweb Bird Harness Leash Extension / USA
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Product Overview: 
  • SIZING by SPECIES. If it DOESN'T fit your pet, we will send you one that will (at no cost or inconvenience to you). If fitted properly and undamaged, this harness should be comfortable and ESCAPE PROOF
  • This item solved challenges of other harnesses: no more pulling wings through loops (which birds hate), easy and intuitive installation of the harness (without a steep learning curve). Note: birds still need to be slowly introduced and HARNESS TRAINED! Please follow instructions. The harness is fitted over the neck; the abdomen belt closes up on the back. A D-Ring (for the leash) automatically slides from the front to the back as a bird is moving around eliminating SUDDEN IMPACT
  • The heavy-duty faux leather vest is made out of PVC-free Polyurethane and a comfortable Cotton Fleece backing. Unlike nearly all faux leathers, this material breathes just like genuine leather; it feels like leather, and is easy to maintain (simply wipe to clean)
  • The light, yet strong elastic cord is resistant to abrasion, mildew & UV sunlight. The stretchy cord can stretch up to TWICE its length. A Frustration-free Leash Handle helps avoid entanglement of the bird leash
  • It is easy to drop the leash when you get startled, stumble or get pushed. Therefore, we include a carabiner so that you can attach the leash to your clothing (i.e., a belt) before clipping it onto your bird.

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