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Wonky - An Uncommon Pigeon - Review by Sibylle Johnson:

"This was the first book that I was able to read from beginning to the end in two decades.  I spent all day on the computer reading, so in my spare time, I try to do something else ... Anyhow, I am glad I read this book though.  In fact, I just couldn't stop.  Throughout the book, I laughed, smiled or cried ... It was delightfully entertaining, heartworming, sweet and insightful.  There is a lot of valuable information about bird rehabilitation, including detailed illustrations.  The author and her wonderful husband obviously dedicated their lives to helping their critters ...  I for one have a new appreciation for pigeons, although I already knew of their intelligence.  Their homing instinct has historically used in the past and several pigeons have been honored "war heroes" for being instrumental in saving thousands of lives.  Anyhow, not wishing to change the subject ... even if you have reservations about pigeons, I strongly recommend this book.  You may feel differently about them after you have read (and enjoyed) it!"