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About Avianweb

About Avianweb

We have been selling pet and home products for over 10 years and take pride in our products, the service we provide and the relationships we build with our Customers. Because of that our Customers keep coming back and Avianweb has consistently maintained Top Ratings and Top Seller status on Amazon and Ebay.   Our primary focus has historically been bird products, but over time, we have added a lot of home items, as well as products for garden and other pets (which we love as much as we do our wild and pet birds).

We own and manage the largest Bird Website - BeautyOfBirds - with well over 10,000 pages of content about birds - from species information to captive breeding, and the proper care of our pet birds. Basically, BeautyOfBirds is an extensive web resource that basically covers it all, and because of that has a large audience.

We  LOVE what we do, and it shows!


Besides this online store, we have several others :